Power IT Digital Software & Solutions Group provides IT Solutions that helps organizations—Software Design and Development, Communication Service Providers, cities and city partners—understand and meet the needs of their digitally empowered customers, quickly and cost-effectively.

Our customer and urban analytics software can help you seamlessly deliver relevant services, products and experiences—in real-time, at every touch point of the customer journey.

Power IT® Management optimizes and automates the technical management process. Prebuilt workflows and services on demand facilitate continuous testing and software development. Power IT Management helps development and testing teams use realistic, scalable data or data warehouses to accelerate application development.

  • Integration of Client end-to-end processes to help the employees to share knowledge across countries also to make right decision from connecting worldwide.
  • Integration of Client end-to-end processes to help the employees to share knowledge across countries also to make right decision from connecting worldwide.
  • Analyze and refresh structure and analysis data on demand for developers and testers
  • Create production-like environments to shorten iterative testing cycles, support continuous testing and accelerate time to its needs.
  • Protect sensitive data based on business polices and help reduce risk in organizing, training and development environments; leverage software development were included in the solution
  • Use a single, scalable enterprise solution across applications, databases and operating systems.
  • Provides a comprehensive testing solution through active process for functional, regression, integration (service virtualization) and access control testing.

a) Search Engine Optimization

Increasing your website’s visibility on search engines is a practice that is absolutely necessary for every business to stay ahead in today’s competitive online marketing game. Ranking high on search engines and creating brand awareness online should be the top priorities on your business digital marketing agenda. Most businesses today rely on a trustworthy SEO company to yield better results and grow their business further. At Power IT, we guarantee impressive results.

b) Search Engine Marketing

Target your advertisements effectively with search engine marketing (SEM) services
Search engine marketing is a form of paid marketing to promote your business through short advertisements appearing on the first pages of search engines. These will be labelled ‘Ad’ and will often appear at the top of the page when people search for your targeted keywords. Having your business promoted as a paid advertisement on search engines often doubles the chances of having your website clicked on as compared to ranking high through organic keyword optimisation.
To get your business advertised you will need to purchase them through a bidding process. Search engines will determine the placement of your ads based on this as well as your website’s Click Through Rates (CTR).
At Power IT, India's leading paid advertising company, we offer our clients a comprehensive result-oriented strategy at minimal cost and profitable returns to drive your business growth. Leverage the power of our search engine marketing services and attract just the customers your business should target.

c) Social Media Marketing

Drive targeted traffic with a social media marketing company.
The online presence of any business is incomplete without a solid social media marketing strategy in place. This form of marketing has gained immense significance in managing and governing the online presence of any business in order to achieve organisational goals. A trustworthy social media marketing company like Power IT can help your business to establish itself online as a reputable company and to gain the trust of customers online. This makes for substantial growth in business and much stronger brand equity. Utilising various different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others drives organic traffic and encourages a loyal customer base.
Capitalising on the benefits of Power IT’s lucrative social media marketing services will not only give you an edge over your competitors but also establish you as the most trusted company to partner with. Reinvent your image in the eyes of your customers online with a successful social media marketing company that perfectly understands your every business need.

d) Video Marketing

Is the future of content marketing in India truly video marketing?
Most definitely. In fact, that future is now. Businesses are increasingly making video marketing an integral feature of their content marketing strategy. A short two to five minute video related to their products and services is created and promoted across various platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, to name a couple. It is a major selling point for many businesses, and should be yours too.
Build trust among your customers with an established video marketing company
With the ever decreasing attention span of consumers online, what better way to get your message across than through video marketing? India have been shown to express greater interest and curiosity in videos rather than merely text or even colourful images. How much could your business be losing simply because your potential customers are not reading all your content and advertisements?
As a leading digital video marketing company based in India, Power IT provides effective video marketing services that are entirely consumer-driven and guarantee enhanced branding, lead generation and online viewer engagement.